In a nutshell: everything digital and then some. Whether you're after online integrated marketing, digital contents, help building an app from scratch or have a cross-platform campaign to launch, we've got the cross-media marketing answers your company is looking for.

Datz communication Co.,Ltd. / Establishment : 2008.01.16 / Business License : 211-88-07635 / Capital : 50,000,000
No. of employees : 40 (As of Dec, 2016)

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John Doe

e-Biz Consulting

Meeting our clients' needs is something we take very seriously indeed. That's why we use a 5-step consultancy processes for new clients:
Step 1. Analyze clients' needs
Step 2. Establish short, mid and long-term goals
Step 3. Analyze outcomes
Step 4. Create an action plan!
Step 5. Provide ongoing maintenance and management

Jane Helf

e-Biz Integration

Modern companies who want to market their products and services need a whole host of digital tools at their disposal - and that's what we aim to provide. With a whole host of in-house marketing specialists, developers, tech experts, contents specialists, designers/web designers, videographers and multi-lingual copywriters, if it's digital, you bet we can make it happen for you.

Joshua Insanus

e-Biz Operation

Setting up a website, launching an app or online campaign is only the beginning of the journey - we provide you with hassle-free management services, updated contents, troubleshooting tools and day-to-day running assistance.


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