Datz Communication Inc. specializes in providing on- and off-line integrated marketing strategy tools in order to meet the needs and requirements of our clients based on the technological competitiveness that allows to integrate a broad range of media devices.

Datz communication Co.,Ltd. / Establishment : 2008.01.16 / Business License : 211-88-07635 / Capital : 50,000,000
No. of employees : 40 (As of Dec, 2016)

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John Doe

e-Biz Consulting

We've always strived to meet our clients' needs through the solid step-by-step consulting processes we use - which are listed below.
Our 1st step is to locate and analyze customer needs.
Our 2nd step is to offer consulting on integrated online business visions, and long-term business goals - rather than simply offering short-sighted consulting on individual projects.
Our 3rd step is to suggest and create detailed business strategies so that we can implement those visions and goals successfully.
Our 4th step is to make our own development methodologies that involve overall project processes and the analysis of anticipated outcomes.
And with our 5th and final step, we provide effective maintenance systems and their management plans for sustaining and enhancing the quality of e-Business.

Jane Helf

e-Biz Integration

As today's business environment is getting more and more complicated, it brings about varying business systems accordingly. It urges businesses to get equipped with integrated e-business capabilities to succeed in the market.
Throughout the whole process, we endeavor to help businesses by providing the vital solutions that contribute to running their business efficiently, by always making sure to integrate core dispersed data together to reestablish scattered, or fractured functions and processes - in order to boost the productivity and marketability of our client's businesses.

Joshua Insanus

e-Biz Operation

We always do our best to help businesses implement successful marketing strategies and provide prompt, stabilized e-biz services.


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